In the ASG Web Hosting Web Control Panel, there is also a collection of Advanced Applications. They are made for cloud hosting users that are skilled in controlling their website hosting environment. However, due to the simple to use user interface in the Web Control Panel, they are rather straightforward to make use of, even for newbies. What’s more, we have included an array of meticulous how–to courses that will assist new users swiftly find out how to operate the tools!

Hotlink Protection

Secure yourself against bandwidth theft

In the ASG Web Hosting Web Control Panel, you will be able to instantaneously protect all of the photographs in your sites from being employed someplace else without your permission. And you will make that happen with merely a couple of clicks of your computer mouse using our Hotlink Protection tool.

All you have to do is in fact opt for the domain you want to safeguard and switch on the Hotlink Protection. Adjusts will take effect automatically and your pics are going to be protected against unauthorized use and data transfer thievery.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic generation of .htaccess files

At ASG Web Hosting, you’ll get access to the .htaccess file of your respective web site, and so you can make as much corrections as you wish. Incorporating just one or two lines to the settings file, it is easy to redirect your site to another link, or setup security password protection for a determined directory, and so on.

When using the almighty .htaccess Generator within the Web Control Panel, you no longer need to possess any information about .htaccess files whatsoever. Simply tell the tool what you need to accomplish as well as for exactly which site, and then also click the Save button. ASG Web Hosting’s smart system will generate the .htaccess file on your behalf within seconds.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop harmful IPs from accessing your web site

If you have a popular site, sooner or later you become a target to spammers and malevolent site visitors. You are able to safeguard your sites from this kind of behavior when using the IP blocking tool integrated into the Web Control Panel. The tool will help you effectively stop an IP address or an entire array of IPs with simply a mouse–click.

Put together with the comprehensive web stats as well as the GeoIP redirection tools, this IP Blocking tool will assist you to properly control the ways to access your site.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Modify the PHP settings for your personal site

The ASG Web Hosting Web Control Panel offers you the option to rapidly switch the PHP version for your personal website hosting account. You are able to select from various earlier PHP variations all the way to the most recent stable PHP release. We’ve manufactured a simplified user interface that lets you change the PHP build as often as you would like to. And the release you’ve picked is going to be implemented straight away.

No matter what PHP edition you choose, you will also have control in the php.ini file – the PHP configuration file for your account. It’s easy to adjust numerous popular selections, modify the full php.ini file or rapidly return all modifications and then set things to their standard condition.

PHP Configuration